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Our Vision, Objective & Purpose

Provide Training

Provide training, material and support to Hawaiian Kūpuna; child caregivers to enhance the physical, mental and spiritual health of Pre-grade “K-12 grade lessons for Hawaiian children.

To Facilitate

To facilitate the identification and development of culturally sound Hawaiian living habits, mental and emotional attitudes, personal health habits and physical skills necessary to the practice of the traditional Hawaiian way of life.

To Perform

To perform such research as may be necessary to expand knowledge of the philosophies, religious practices, theoretical and applied sciences and social mores, which form the underpinning of the traditional Hawaiian way of life for the Natives Hawaiian in the community at large.


Provide a nurturing environment for Hawaiians in foster care with traditional Hawaiian way of life, philosophies, religious practices and other Hawaiian living concepts.

To document

To document, publish and disseminate the results of the research mentioned above in order to educate the native Hawaiian community in the traditional Hawaiian way of life.

To consult

To consult with other indigenous peoples, especially in, but not limited to, the Pacific Island region in order to learn about their traditional ways so as to better understand related cultural sources of the traditional Hawaiian cultural ways of life.

To assist

To assist the Hawaiian community in recovering its former social stability by demonstrating Hawaiian living concepts.

To create

To create a space for learning Hawaiian language by Hawaiian Kūpuna here in Hawaiʻi nei, and provide lessons for the Hawaiian community.

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