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Anchor 1 Alapa'i and Lancine

Art Director

Sheena Wong

Born and raised in Kailua-Kona HI, Sheena Wong has experience in reservations, events and project management since 2006.


Her passions include gardening as well as serving in non-profit organizations like Island Breeze, Hipacc, Habitat for Humanity and other community events. Sheena believes in the stewardship of the native Hawaiian language and is committed to the restoration of the lifestyle of the Hawaiian culture.


Sheena is a woman of excellence and thrives on serving others. She believes that working together in “Lōkahi” (unity) is the key to success and desires for all to do their part to make a difference in our community.

Today Sheena continues to serve as a student and teacher of the Hawaiian Language to families, businesses.

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