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This project is sponsored by the Office of Hawaiian Affairs "OHA" working to improve the lives of native Hawaiians. 
Hui o Hanohano is a grant awardee organization 
from the 'Ohana based practices in Perpetuation of 'olelo Hawai'i to help strengthen the Native Hawaiian community in normalization of the Hawaiian language and culture. 

Project Goals

The development and implementation of 'ohana community in 'olelo Hawai'i, 'ike Hawai'i and mo'omeheu Hawai'i within the home and the greater community by having 'ohana engage in learning Hawaiian language and culture. 


Press Release


Hui o Hanohano; Hāleo Hawaiʻi Institute 

73-4541 Kukuki St. Kailua-Kona, HI 96740

Cell-808-333-  or 808-895-4205


For Immediate Release

June 1, 2023 




HUI O HANOHANO today announced a grant award totaling $69,902.00 that will support the Native Hawaiian community through the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) 2023-2024 ʻOhana-Based Practices in Perpetuation of ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi: Community Research Grant


With a $69.902.00 OHA grant award from the ʻOhana based practices in Perpetuation of ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi will be used by the development and implementation of ʻohana community in ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi and ʻike Hawaiʻi by doing events, workshops, and weekly gatherings that will increase the reported use of ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi and moʻomeheu Hawaiʻi within the home and the greater community by having families engage in learning the Hawaiian language and culture. The main goal is to support the increase of Native Hawaiian ʻohana and non-native ʻohana as participants who will learn new Hawaiian vocabulary words as well as new sentence structures. The purpose of each session is to connect with families who have a desire to learn the Hawaiian language with the ʻohana and apply the Hawaiian lessons within the home which is the PIKO of each ʻohana.


The purpose of the Pilināhāleo Grant is to serve the Native Hawaiian lāhui in alignment with the strategic foundations, directions, and outcomes of 15-year Māna i Mauli Ola Strategic Plan.

About “Hui o Hanohano ” 


The mission and purposes for which the corporation is organized and shall be operated exclusively for charitable scientific, literary and education purposes of the corporation are as follows.

a)       Provide training, material and support to Hawaiian Kūpuna; child caregivers to enhance the physical, mental and spiritual health of Pre-grade “K-12 grade lessons for Hawaiian children.

b)       To facilitate the identification and development of culturally sound Hawaiian living habits, mental and emotional attitudes, personal health habits and physical skills necessary to the practice of the traditional Hawaiian way of life.

c)       To perform such research as may be necessary to expand knowledge of the philosophies, religious practices, theoretical and applied sciences and social mores, which form the underpinning of the traditional Hawaiian way of life for the Natives Hawaiian in the community at large.

d)       Provide a nurturing environment for Hawaiians in foster care with traditional Hawaiian way of life, philosophies, religious practices, and other Hawaiian living concepts.

e)       To document, publish and disseminate the results of the research mentioned above to educate the native Hawaiian community in the traditional Hawaiian way of life and learning the Hawaiian language.

f)        To consult with other indigenous peoples, especially in, but not limited to, the Pacific Island region to learn about their traditional ways to better understand related cultural sources of the traditional Hawaiian cultural ways of life.

g)       To assist the Hawaiian community in recovering its former social stability by demonstrating Hawaiian living concepts.


To learn more please visit “”   


CONTACT:       Kumu Kauhane Heloca

Hui o Hanohano

Phone: (808) 333-0045 or  (808) 895-4205


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